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Why you may choose us!

Our Software Lab is dedicated to providing clean and fully baked technology solutions to  businesses and startups. We genuinely collaborate! 

Agile processes allow us to iteratively close on the gap between your vision and the team that executes it. We transparently collaborate and remain honest!

We are experts at what we do. Our ability to research across a breadth of domains and technologies is amongst the best in the industry and we take pride in it.

We understand the criticality of timely and continuous support. Our Support function works as in independent business unit and takes over after active phases of development.


Software Development

As a leading custom software development company, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your business needs, create a conceptual framework for the software, and assist you in optimizing its developmental advantages. Our dedicated team of proficient professionals harnesses their technical expertise to deliver customized software solutions, elevating efficiency and fostering increased productivity.


We are a specialized company offering custom blockchain application development and software development services. Whether creating innovative solutions from the ground up or revitalizing existing systems, we can assist you in launching impactful blockchain solutions to the market. Our adept blockchain software developers excel in constructing solutions that are not only resilient and secure but also accelerate the achievement of your business objectives.

Mobile Apps Development

Our skilled team focuses on developing resilient and scalable mobile applications that set new benchmarks in the mobile-first environment. With our mobile app development services, you can navigate the dynamic mobile landscape with confidence and capitalize on opportunities that ensure optimal return on investment.

Cloud Services

Our cloud consulting services empower you to derive maximum value from your investments in cloud computing. This results in cost savings, efficient delivery, peak performance, heightened security, and reliability. As a specialized cloud consulting firm, our customized services span a broad spectrum, covering strategy consulting for cloud transformation, the design of cloud architecture, comprehensive guidance throughout the cloud transformation process, and thorough reviews of infrastructure configuration and code.

React & React Native

As a React Native app development company, we deliver exceptional mobile app development services to our clients. Our emphasis is on quality, effective communication, transparency, and building strong human relations. What distinguishes us from other React Native app development companies is our commitment to understanding our clients’ needs and delivering result-oriented services.

Success Stories

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Title of the story

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Rajiv Madhok

CEO of Oorja Mobile


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The team at Decode Labs executed the project in a fast manner with minimal errors and workaround. The team worked well and completed all modifications and adhered to the agreed deadlines. They remained accessible and prompt throughout the engagement.
CEO, GreenMat
The team at Decode Labs understood the requirements well and collaborated with the entire team including the non tech team. They filled in for tech-product work and invested mind-share for discussions and reviews which helped build a better product.
Enviro Enablers
Anurag Jain

Case Studies


Full Stack Development for a Climate Tech company in India


A Telematics Solution for a leading heavy construction machinery based out of USA


An Omnichannel Marketing Automation platform deployed for leading Banks and Airlines